About Al-Areef Group

Our Vision

“We aim to be one of the leading Marine Contractors and transportation companies in the Region by setting high standard performances and measuring results, upgrading its environmental procedure and providing quality and cost effective services at all time.”

Our Mission

We believe that to enable us to achieve our vision, we must first recognize the most essential ingredient of success and that is by always ensuring to involve and provide the Staffs of all levels with necessary internal support and trainings to help them recognize the importance of enhancing productivity, reducing waste in all form, and attaining higher quality of products, services, regulations and specifications they need to identify and improve the progress and resolve the problems.

Al Areef Marine Contracting Works Est.

Al Areef Marine Contracting was established on the early 2004 and specializes in the following Marine Works:

        -     Constructing breakwaters and revetments

        -     Construction of sea protection walls

        -     Boat Ramps and slipways

        -     Marina construction

        -     Chartering of Small marine vessels (subject to availability)

Al Areef Transporting & Road Works Est.

Al Areef Transport was established on 1994 and specializes in the following Works:

        -     Supply and transportation of various Rock material types such as: Armour Rocks, Aggregates, Gatch and Sand

        -     Specializes in various Earthworks such as Grading and leveling works

        -     Excavation Works

        -     Demolition Works (except high rise Buildings)

        -     Earthmoving equipment rental (subject to availaility)

About Al Areef

AL AREEF ALAREEF Company was founded in the mid of year 1994 aiming to provide its customers fair and honest treatment, best safety and compliance record, the lowest claim and occurrence rate in the transportation and construction industry.

Some procedures may have changed over the years, but for Al Areef, the basic principles have remained the same, “Our product is service” therefore, we make every effort to ensure that it is the best in the industry.

The Group is mainly consisted of Al Areef Marine Contracting specializes in constructing breakwaters, construction of sea protection walls, rock protection works for islands in deep and dangerous areas of the Gulf waters, Revetments and Marina construction while Al Areef Transport’s main activities are Earthworks/ Grading works and leveling works for both in land and for adjusted slopes of Sand beaches and construction of Breakwaters using rocks and variety of Earthworks related materials.

All of the projects that we did in the past as well as the on-going works, we transport the materials mainly sand, aggregates and rocks using our fleet of trucks. We do the earthworks using our construction equipments such as Dozers, graders, excavators, shovels, rollers and all other services related equipments such as water tankers, diesel tankers, mobile workshop (for quick response to breakdown), 4 wheel vehicles and pick-up trucks, buses etc. in addition to to the office and camp cabins that will be used for the works.

We are also equipped not only with new equipments but with veryqualified and experienced manpower from Administration Staffs, Engineers, Site supervisors, Surveyors, Machine/ Equipment operators, Trailer Truck drivers to the site staffs that are trained to handle the projects for Earthworks and transportation.

Experience as always said is the best teacher for everything. And having a lot work experience in the field of various Earthworks, we are confident that all of our employees are well versed on different earthworks such as grading, leveling, cut-and-fill works in any type of areas in the UAE, areas that are identical to the nature of Al Fayah Industrial area. All these staffs are well adapted to the tough weather and environment such as heat during the summer season and even sand storms.

Our productivity, with the aid of new and well maintained fleet of equipments that help to avoid any unnecessary delays due to breakdowns and our capable and experienced manpower who ensures quality work at all times gives us the edge to any other company who also does Earthworks.

Majority of our fleet of machineries are all less than three (3) years old. All are agency maintained to keep them in excellent working condition at all times. Although agency maintenance is more costly, we still prefer our equipments to be maintained properly to ensure our equipments maintains its high productivity.

Our company has two (2) facilities of our own, one is located in Al Ain which is near the Trucks road towards Al Ain and the other one is in Al Fayah area.

In addition to our offices in Al Al Ain and in Abu Dhabi, our facilities in Al Fayah and Trucks Road in Al Ain are also used as support locations for our offices, machineries/ equipments parking, maintenance/ spareparts yard and materials handling yard. This is for easy accessibility for the necessary facilities at all times.

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